Hello, hi, mabuhay! 👋🏼

About me? I'm Angelo Paraggua, and I am a passionate UX/UI designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

  • One year of crafting digital experiences
  • British Columbia Institute of Tech., New Media Design Graduate


Atria Tech Coop
Evolve Branding

Spark Passion

Where it all started? My love for creative expression and a knack for problem-solving during my childhood punctuated by Pokémon battles and countless victories in Pokémon Yellow lit a spark in my heart that led me to pursue a career in design.

I came from a high school arts program, majoring in media arts with a mix of exposure to dance, music, and visual arts. Long story short, this artistic discipline nurtured my creativity, gradually translating into digital creation, and eventually becoming a verified Content Creator on musical.ly (now known as TikTok).

As my passion for creativity and problem-solving continued to ignite, I decided to apply for a new media design and web development program. Not so recently, I received the Best UX/UI award in my first-ever hackathon, a great conclusion to my educational journey at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Heavy Rotation

My soundspace when I'm designing, may be at home, or outside.


Here lies projects I regularly do on the side that serve as my external outlet for design and creativity—also known as my learning spaces.


Web Design
Visual Development

I do low-code development on the side with Webflow while staying up-to-date with Webflow updates and best practices. Obtained certificates; Webflow 101, Layouts Level 1.


Digital Design
Social Media Management

I design and publish promotional materials for my parent's business across various social media channels. Business brand established by me.

Beyond design

Wanna know more about me? Alright, here are things that interests me:

Drag Race
Genshin Impact
Golden Hour
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Going places. 🧳
Stanning K-pop groups. ✨
Sweet satisfaction! 🍮